Ras Bufontas


Given its proximity to Hamad Airport, the Middle East’s “Best Airport of the Year”, industries based in Ras Bufontas Free Zone will benefit from unrivalled access to reliable air transportation services.

Industrial Infrastructure

There are specific sections of the zone dedicated to particular industries, allowing for optimal cluster growth and perfectly tailored infrastructure and facilities. Fully serviced plots come in different sizes to suit specific industry needs, and facilities are flexible, meaning that companies can either choose to build their own, can hire QFZA to build it for them to exact specifications, or can elect to use pre-built facilities.

Urban Elements

In addition to industrial infrastructure, Ras Bufontas has also been seamlessly integrated with urban elements to make the zone an enjoyable living environment. Residents of the free zones will have access to housing accommodation, retail stores, parks, mosques, health clinics, and more. For ease of transportation, there is a metro system, bus routes, and plenty of walking and cycling paths. Furthermore, the capital city of Doha is located only a 20 minute drive from the zone, providing access to a variety of exciting things to see and do.

  • Site Overview
    Address G-Ring Road, Adjoining Intersection with F-Ring Road (HIA Intersection)
    Coordinates 25.226994°N, 51.593067°E
    Time Zone GMT + 3
    Total Area 3.96 km^2
  • Logistics
    Distance to Highway Directly adjacent to highway
    Distance to Airport 6kms
    Distance to Rail 50 km
    Airport Runway Length 4.5kms
  • Suitable Industries
    Consumer Products
    Light Manufacturing
    Technology and Applications


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