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Qatar is a business-friendly country with a thriving economy at the gateway between east and west, offering unparalleled global connectivity.

A Strong, Growing Economy

Qatar has one of the highest GDPs per capita in the world, along with a strong investment track record featuring global corporations including Siemnens, Mitsubishi, SAP, Microsoft and Rolls Royce. Rapid economic diversification is building on the Qatar’s core strengths while shoring up new and exciting fields including emerging technology, manufacturing and hospitality, providing exciting opportunities for discerning investors.

World-Class Infrastructure at the Heart of the Gulf

Qatar sits at the heart of the Gulf region, with easy access to many dynamic markets. 60% of the world’s population is within 8 hours flying time, including economic powerhouses across Asia and rapidly developing markets in east Africa. India and Pakistan offer particular large nearby markets – with strong trade links, Qatar is ideally situated for companies to take advantage of these population centers.

World Cup 2022

Preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup are well underway, including significant infrastructure developments. These include a state-of-the-art metro system, which opened its first line in May 2019, as well as major growth in the hotel sector, to more than triple the current number of hotel rooms in the country. Qatar is expected to be among the fastest growing construction markets globally over the next 5 years a result, and is implementing green building practices across these developments.

Abundant Natural Resources

With one of the world’s largest natural gas reserves, and as one of the world’s largest LGN exporters, Qatar benefits from some of the lowest energy prices regionally and globally, as well as a large trade surplus – $52 billion in 2018. The country also has huge potential for solar energy and other renewables.

Ease of Doing Business

Qatar has a business-friendly legal environment. Qatar Free Zones legal system is based on Common law concept which is entirely under the jurisdiction of QFZA, and backed by strong intellectual property and data protection laws. QFZA is the “one-stop shop” for investors to take advantage of this legal framework.

Globally Connected

Qatar has close ties with leading economies around the world, and is a signatory to a landmark open skies agreement with the European Union, which allows air carriers from the 28 EU member states and Qatar unlimited and unrestricted access to their respective territories.

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